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About Us

Structura builds advanced high-performance algorithms using modern machine learning to push forward the state of the art in 3D atomic structure discovery of biomolecules including proteins, complexes, and viruses. We work closely with the global cryo-EM academic community and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Introducing cryoSPARC™

Our flagship software, cryoSPARC™, enables rapid, unbiased, and high-throughput structure discovery of proteins and molecular complexes from cryo-EM data. The patent pending algorithms underlying cryoSPARC enable high-resolution reconstructions of research and drug targets within minutes of collecting microscope data, and without the need for prior knowledge of the target structure.

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Our Team

Ali Punjani
Co-Founder & CEO
Marcus Brubaker, PhD
Co-Founder & CTO
Suhail Dawood
Chief Product Officer
Saara Punjani
Chief Operations Officer
John Rubinstein, PhD
Expert Advisor, Cryo-EM
David Fleet, PhD
Expert Advisor, ML and Computer Vision

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Our blog has up to date posts about our products, tips about processing cryo-EM data, and news in the field.

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For commercial use of our software products or information regarding pre-configured hardware sales, please contact us.

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Structura is based in Toronto, Canada.

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